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Don’t let acne scars define you! Dr. Nikko’s advanced treatment options will ease the discomfort of your acne and improve the health of your skin.

Allergy testing can help to determine a patient's specific reactive allergens in order to create a beneficial and effective treatment plan.

Rosacea is a chronic condition (often mistaken for acne or sunburn), which causes redness, swelling, and visible blood vessels in the facial area.

Eczema, one of the most common skin conditions, is caused by inflammation of the skin. It is often characterized by dry, itchy or red skin.

Psoriasis is an uncomfortable chronic skin disorder where the skin grows too rapidly and results in thick, white, red, or silvery patches of skin.

We provide our patients with a thorough skin cancer screening at Nikko Dermatology for changing moles or abnormal growths on top or under the skin.

Skin lesions can present themselves mainly as warts, cysts, lipomas, and moles. They should be examined and removed for medical and cosmetic reasons.

From follicle infections to hair disorders or hair loss, Dr. Nikko provides patients with excellent medical dermatology services for your hair.

Nail diseases or disorders are not just about fixing cosmetic issues. Diseases of the nail may be a symptom of an undiagnosed illness or poor diet.

We can help with uncomfortable, acute rashes (hives, poison ivy, sunburn, insect bites, and more) in a private examination room at Nikko Dermatology.

If you have scars from traumatic injury or surgical wounds, we can offer you several procedures that are designed to reduce the appearance of a scar.

Brighten your facial complexion with a Nikko Dermatology chemical peel. We offer varying strengthens from light to deep to remove your damaged skin.

We offer platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, a rejuvenation technique that stimulates collagen and regenerates skin tissue with your own blood.

Rejuvenate your skin with the Dermapen® microneedling technology by producing tiny, repairable holes so that it will regenerate a new layer of skin.

Nikko Dermatology offers patients radio frequency skin tightening as an alternative to painful, time-consuming, and expensive skin removal surgeries.

bioTE bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (HRT) uses a custom pellet to treat symptoms and side effects of age-related hormone imbalances.

To prevent skin laxity or to tighten up your maturing skin, we can offer you a nonsurgical face rejuvenation treatment for youthful-looking skin.

We understand that you want your body back after baby! We offer a nonsurgical mommy makeover to help rejuvenate and tighten your post-baby body.

Nonsurgical liposuction is available at our dermatology office in Houston, TX with innovative Exilis Ultra 360, Cellutone, and Vanquish technologies.

With the Ultra Femme 360, we can improve vaginal atrophy, urinary incontinence, and vaginal moisture and lubrication issues for women without surgery.

BOTOX injections are superficial cosmetic injections to temporarily provide you with a remedy for frown lines, laugh lines, crow’s feet, and wrinkles.

Average Cost
$600 - $675

When you need additional fullness in your facial areas, we can offer you injections of Juvéderm to smooth out wrinkles and add volume to your face.

Average Cost
$500 - $900

Injections of restorative Volbella by Juvéderm will plump your lips, smooth the fine lines around your mouth, and remove dark circles under your eyes.

Average Cost
From $800

Vollure is part of the Juvéderm family of dermal fillers that improve the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles with long-lasting results.

Average Cost
From $1,000

Voluma, made by Juvéderm, is an injectable dermal filler that temporarily restores lost volume in the cheeks and face from aging and other factors.

Using the FAMI technique, Dr. Nikko can transfer your body fat to other areas to fill in lost volume and wrinkles, and recontour a deflated shape.

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