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Houston and Cypress, TX board-certified Dermatologist, Dr. Anthony Nikko is a firm believer that one of the most important aspects in a person’s appearance is the health of their skin. Because of this philosophy, Dr. Nikko provides the highest quality in skin care diagnosis and aesthetic treatments to ensure each patient is 100% satisfied with the results. Dr. Nikko’s extensively trained staff is committed to serving all patient needs regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, or treatment preference. You don't have to take our word for it! In this section, you can read reviews and testimonials from current and former patients of Nikko Dermatology. Many of our dedicated patients have sent in reviews to let others know about their experiences. Read about our treatments, encounters with our experienced staff members, and opinions about the health of their skin after being treated by Dr. Nikko. We hope you find this section helpful and enlightening in making your decision to choose Dr. Nikko as your dermatologist.

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Review from J.M.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Apr 25, 2018

I was 95 lbs and was having a problem with my buttock due to side effects of getting a shot for my seasonal allergy. The steroids shots that I had been getting every year from my physician has finally caused more problem for me. The dermatologist that I was seeing at a time couldn't really tell me what it was. She has never seen anything like it. I have a white discoloration and have developed a muscle atrophy. I was terrified to think that I have to live with the pain and the horror of losing the roundness of my butt. That's when I started searching another Dermatologist online and came across of Dr. Anthony Nikko. I read all nothing but wonderful reviews and made an appointment to have a consult. I met with Stephanie and she made me very comfortable and Dr. Nikko explained everything about the procedure which is a fat transfer and using your own fat to put into your buttocks. The way Dr. Nikko was explaining it to me made it so promising that there's a cure! Knowing that he is both a dermatology and a cosmetic surgeon that able to correct not just the skin but also he specialized and have years of experience of what he does really make a difference. While I was in his office I've noticed that he has all kinds of samples of implants seating in his tables so I got curious and found out that Dr. Nikko also does a breast implant and they showed me all different types of sizes. Not only that I have fat transfer into my buttocks, I also decided to replace my saline implant all at once.   As of today, I am healthy and completely healed. I got my rounded butt back and my new silicone breast implant. I love the way it feels and looks and what so nice about it, I don't have to massage it like I did with my saline implant and yet it feels just like your real natural breast. The only advice is to be patient during the healing process and doesn't freak out if you didn't see results as early as three months. One thing to realize is that your body will heal and adjust itself and your breast will do and transform as it goes. So, be patient.Base on my overall experienced I highly recommended Dr. Nikko if you are considering silicone implant and fat buttocks transfer if you want to add more volume or other procedure etc.  With Dr. Anthony Nikko expertise, I assured you are safe and in good hands! I am very pleased and grateful to Dr. Nikko and his staff and nurses such as Vannico Soy and Paisley who assisted during my surgery, They all made my consult and surgeries above all extraordinary!  I am scheduled for another procedure called Vanquish and I cannot wait for another successful result...... More

Review from C.L.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Apr 06, 2018

Dr. Nikko really took the time to explain the fat transfer process to me. I definitely appreciate his warm, bedside manner. The office is beautifully put together, everything is super clean. Will post "after" photos. More

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